Adesso CyberTablet M17 Instruction Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - USERʹSGUIDE


Page 2 - Safe Handling

1-4 IntroductionEnglish 1.3.2 Front Panel Controls !!!! (1) Power button This button turns the CYBERTABLET M17 LCD monitor ON/OFF. (2

Page 3 - Safety Precautions

1-5 IntroductionEnglish 1.3.3 Connector Ports ! (1) Power port The AC adapter is connected here. (2) VGA input port This port is

Page 4

1-6 IntroductionEnglish 1.4 Assembly and Setup Keep the following points in mind when installing the CYBERTABLET M17 Select a stable, flat locatio

Page 5

1-7 IntroductionEnglish 1.4.2 How to Use the Pen Holder !!!The CYBERTABLET M17 comes with a pen holder on the back side. !!Store t

Page 6

1-8 IntroductionEnglish 1.4.3 Connection Procedure Follow the procedure below to connect the PC and CYBERTABLET M17 !!!!!! ! !

Page 7 - 1. Introduction

1-9 IntroductionEnglish WARNING Use the AC Adaptor supplied with this product. Use only AC Adaptor or power cables specified by the m

Page 8 - 1.2 Package Overview

2-1 UsageEnglish 2. Usage Procedures This section describes the basic procedures for using CYBERTABLET M17. For information on using advanced CYB

Page 9 - 1.3 Part Names and Functions

2-2 UsageEnglish 2.2 Using the Stylus Pen This section describes how to use the CYBERTABLET M17 stylus pen. 2.2.1 How to Use the Stylus Pen The

Page 10

2-3 UsageEnglish 2.2.3 Stylus Pen Settings The stylus pen has one pen tip button, and two side buttons. Mouse actions can be assigned to these th

Page 11

2-4 UsageEnglish 2.2.4 Changing the Battery in the Stylus Pen The stylus pen contains a single AAA alkaline dry cell. If the pen begins to operat

Page 12 - 1.4 Assembly and Setup

Safe Handling Markings and Symbols Variousmarkingsandsymbolsareusedinthisuser’sguideandonthisproduct,toensurethesafeandcorrect

Page 13 - CAUTION

2-5 UsageEnglish 2.2.5 Replacing the Stylus Pen Tip When the stylus pen tip wears down and becomes too short, replace it as described below. (1

Page 14

2-6 UsageEnglish 2.3 Using the OSD Menu The OSD menu is used when adjusting the CYBERTABLET M17 LCD screen. OSD is an abbreviation for On-Screen

Page 15 - WARNING

2-7 UsageEnglish 2.3.2 OSD Adjustment Options (1) BRIGHTNESS Used to adjust screen brightness. (0-100) (2) CONTRAST Used to adjus

Page 16 - 2. Usage Procedures

2-8 UsageEnglish (4) COLOR TEMPRATURE Used to adjust the color temperature of the screen. (SRGB, 9300K, 7200K, 6500K, 5000K) USER : Use

Page 17 - 2.2 Using the Stylus Pen

2-9 UsageEnglish (7) OTHER SETUP SMOOTH : Used to adjust the smoothness of the image. (0-3) OSD H.POSITION : Used to adjust horiz

Page 18

3-1 AppendixEnglish 3. Appendix 3.1 Troubleshooting First, check adjustments and handling methods and check for poor cable connections. Those are o

Page 19

3-2 AppendixEnglish In this case Check this And do this Is pen tip worn down? Check if the pen tip is worn down or is too short. (For details on

Page 20

3-3 AppendixEnglish 3.2 System Specifications Item Specification Product name CYBERTABLET M17 Tablet Monitor Display characteristics Driver ty

Page 21 - 2.3 Using the OSD Menu

Securely insert the power plug into the power outlet. If it is not plugged in securely, overheating will occur, possibly resulting in electric sho

Page 22

Unplug the power plug if you do not plan on using the product for an extended period of time. Failure to do so could result in a fire. Do not use

Page 23

In the following cases, unplug the product from the AC Adaptor outlet and ask the technical support of Hitachi Software. a.! After the power

Page 24

Contents 1. Introduction ... 1-1 1.1 Product Introd

Page 25 - 3. Appendix

1-1 IntroductionEnglish 1. Introduction 1.1 Product Introduction About the Product This 17” flat panel screen with an active matrix, thin-film tr

Page 26 - Appendix

1-2 IntroductionEnglish 1.2 Package Overview After unpacking, make sure that all of the following parts are included. Parts No. Name Qty. (1)

Page 27 - 3.2 System Specifications

1-3 IntroductionEnglish 1.3 Part Names and Functions 1.3.1 Front Screen (1) LCD and tablet operating area Receives text and g

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