Adesso NuScan 1000 User's Guide

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Summary of Contents



Page 2

9. Default Parameters These tables give the default settings of all the programmable parameters. DEFAULT VALUES OF OPERATING PARAMETERS Functio

Page 3 - Table of Contents

8 11. Technical Specifications

Page 4 - 1. Limited Warranty

OPERATIONAL Light Source 617 nm visible red LED Optical System 2,500 pixels CCD Depth of Field 0 up to 6 inch (UPC/EAN 100%, PCS=90%) Scan Angle

Page 5 - 2. Introduction

If you need to make changes in the configuration of the scanner for specific applications, a full Programming Guide can be downloaded at: http://www.

Page 6 -  User's Guide

Possible Cause Possible Solution Scanner is not programmed to work with the host. Be sure proper host type is selected. For RS-232, ensure the sc

Page 8 - 7. Scanning Mode Selection

Table of Contents 1. Limited Warranty...1 2. Introduction..

Page 9 - 8. Beeper Mode Selection

The NUSCAN 2100 Series scanners are ready to scan most kinds of barcodes. This barcode scanner does not require software or drivers to operate. The sc

Page 10 - 10. Barcode Scan Field

2. Introduction Bar coding is the most common Automated Data Collection (ADC) technology providing timely, error-free information that can be used

Page 11

3. Contents The NUSCAN 2100 Handheld CCD Barcode Scanner package should contain:  Handheld CCD Barcode Scanner  User's Guide

Page 12

6. Installation Insert the plug on the free end of the Communications Cable into the appropriate connector on the host as below described: a. USB

Page 13 - 13. Trouble Shooting

7. Scanning Mode Selection Note: The default setting of the barcode scanner is on Trigger Mode. Do not program the barcode scanner unless necessary.

Page 14 - 14. Product Support

8. Beeper Mode Selection Note: The Tone and Duration default setting of the barcode scanner is on Medium. Do not program the barcode scanner unless n

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